Aromatherapy essential oils for bronchitis

Chronic bronchitis

Bronchitis is an acute respiratory disease caused by viruses. It usually clears up within 2 weeks without any medication. It gets better on its own without medical treatment. So, getting enough rest can help manage the symptoms for two to three weeks. Causes of bronchitis In most cases, the same viruses that cause a cold […]

What is Amyris Essential Oil Good For? | Grounded Owl Botanicals

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Gorgeous Amyris essential oil with its thick, deep fragrance is seduction itself. Marketed as a surrogate for Sandalwood oil in the wake of the threat to Sandalwood Mysore,  this West Indian Sandalwood, native to Haiti and the Caribbean now holds its own as a beautiful skincare ingredient, an aphrodisiac, and a soothing and relaxing friend.  […]

What is Benzoin Essential Oil Good For? | Benzoin Essential Oil Uses

benzoin essential oil uses

Beautiful benzoin essential oil has such a deep, rich, and creamy scent, which makes an amazing fixative for botanical perfumery. We love it. But what is it and what can we use it for?  Ironically, for something that is so sticky, the best way to learn benzoin essential oil is to know that it reduces […]

What is Geranium Essential good for?

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Often described as the poor woman’s rose oil, geranium has many of the same qualities as rose butwithout the massive price tag. But to see this rich, sweet beauty through those eyes, is to do herselfand you a massive disservice. The kindest of essential oils during stress, it is wonderful forsupporting healthy hormonal function and […]

What Is Frankincense Essential Oil Good For?


We’ve all heard of the sacred incense brought by the Magi at the nativity.. In fact, Frankincense is one of the most widely used resins, important in many of the main religions of the world, but what is frankincense essential oil good for? People have used frankincense since the dawn of time as a way […]

Essential Oils for Travel | Grounded Owl Botanicals

Essential oils for Travel If you are like me, you love to take your oils with you everywhere! Some people ask me if you can take essential oils on air planes, the answer is yes!! I do all the time. When going on a plane it is not always a great experience. There is a […]

Carrier Oils (also known as fixed or base oils)

Essential oil with an except for a few, should never ever be used undiluted on the skin, and needs to be blended with a carrier oil. To dilute the essential oils and their constituents and to help spread them over the surface of the skin. These oils are normally obtained by cold pressing the plant material and is […]


  Fall is upon us and what a wonderful time of year it is! A time to make your home smell divine with all the wonderful smells of the upcoming Holidays. It’s a time when cooler weather starts as well. Everyone starts having mugs of hot cocoa (with marshmallows) or tea and pulling out big […]


With Winter Just around the corner I thought this might be a good Topic to touch on a bit. Some People may say, How can anyone have such a thing when you live in Arizona? I say you can have SAD any where. We live where it is hot yes but we still have a […]

Black Pepper Essential Oil

Black Pepper Essential Oil Black Pepper is a condiment that is common and very popular all over the world. It is widely used in culinary applications. It taste is hot and has a mouthwatering aroma. Black pepper is scientific name is Piper Nigrum. And is the dried fruit of the pepper plant Here are just a few […]