What is Geranium Essential good for?

Often described as the poor woman’s rose oil, geranium has many of the same qualities as rose but
without the massive price tag. But to see this rich, sweet beauty through those eyes, is to do herself
and you a massive disservice. The kindest of essential oils during stress, it is wonderful for
supporting healthy hormonal function and for nourishing dry skin. It is happy, romantic, and restful.
Today, we ask, what is geranium essential oil good for?
According to Battaglia the actions most commonly cited in aromatherapy

Astringent (Cuts through grease and tightens the skin)
Cicatrisant (Promotes wound healing)
Diuretic (Promotes urination)
Haemostatic (Stops bleeding)
Stimulant (adreno-cortex)
Styptic (Seals blood vessels to stop bleeding
Vermifuge – Evicts intestinal worms
Vulnerary – Promotes wound healing

He stresses that the only actions that can be backed up with clinical evidence though are analgesic,
antidepressant, antimicrobial and anxiolytic (reducing anxiety) (1)

What Is Geranium Essential Oil Good for

For my, it’s effects on stress are what makes it so useful. It is refreshing soothing and re-invigorating.
Not like basil or rosemary that positively shove you out of your chair. Geranium is like you wake
from a delicious power nap on the beach. You feel calm, soothed and somewhat indulged by the
naughtiness of it all, because something that geranium always does is make you smile
Battaglia talks of how it stimulates the adrenals, and whilst there seems to be no clinical trial to
prove this, it seems, intuitively to be right.
Adrenal power wanes when we have been stressed for a long time. Eventually, the cortisol hormone
response becomes blunted and rather than being anti-inflammatory as cortisol should be, the body
begins to turn in on itself. Inflammation becomes rife in the body, skin disorders get worse and the
old aches and pains rear their heads. We’re not even going to talk about the terrible effect it has on
the hormones.

Geranium seems to close all this down. By bolstering the adrenals, the whole stress cascade comes
to a close.

What is Geranium Essential Oil Good For In The Physical Body?

Normally, we see this as the first thing in an article, but with geranium essential oil, its very clear to
see that it’s the oils effects on stress that are doing the good.
I would imagine that every aromatherapist would tell you they use geranium essential oil for healthy
hormonal support. Whether that is for reducing stress and tension for menstrual and menopausal
mood swings, to offering care for men’s sexual dysfunction.
We can see how stress would sit behind them all. Not necessarily at their heart, as the cause, but
most certainly making them worse.

What Is Geranium Essential Oil Good For In Skin Care?

Geranium has a moisturising and nourishing action.
If the skin becomes dry and flaky, then geranium can help quickly. It works particularly well if you
can blend it with some calendula or a rosehip carrier.

What Is Geranium Essential Oil Good For Spiritually?

Mojay speaks of how wonderful geranium essential oil is for people who have developed workaholic

References : The Complete Guide to Aromatherapy (Volume 3: Materia Medica)


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