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Gorgeous Amyris essential oil with its thick, deep fragrance is seduction itself. Marketed as a surrogate for Sandalwood oil in the wake of the threat to Sandalwood Mysore,  this West Indian Sandalwood, native to Haiti and the Caribbean now holds its own as a beautiful skincare ingredient, an aphrodisiac, and a soothing and relaxing friend. 

Where Does Amyris Essential Oil Come From?

The Amyris tree grows to around 60ft tall and is covered with glorious white flowers. Its name comes from the Greek word amyron which means heavily scented. Unusually though, the flowers have nothing to do with the oil, it is the dark that falls from the tree that is steam distilled. The wood and bark are so rich in natural oils that locally the tree is known as torchwood. Locally, before electricity, torchwood guided fishermen to their boats and traders to market before dawn. Candles and fire splints were bidding of the wood and so the fragrance filled the Haitian world.  When it is lit, it burns brightly and is still used in ceremonies to light dark pathways and to chase off evil spirits. 

What does Amyris Essential Oil Blend Well With? 

It’s super sweet and earthy, and the balsamic fragrance is beautiful in blends, bringing a heavy note to blends and helping them to last. Whilst it is not traditionally seen as a fixative oil, it has a moderately strong aroma that lingers. 

This heavy, seductive aroma blends well with lemony fragrances, florals like rose and geranium as well as other woods, spices, and resins. The fragrance itself melds with many things, your skill with blending it comes more from working out how much of the other oils you will need to marry with such a strong smell. 

The oil itself is thick, rich, and golden, it’s unctuous heavy molecules often refusing to merge with water. This oil is definitely best used in creams and massage oils. Candles made with Amyris are stunning (especially if you combine with Vanilla!) but its molecules may be a little too heavy for your diffuser.

What Is Amyris Essential Oil Good For?

Perhaps its most important constituent is valerianol which is extremely sedative and relaxing. This makes Amyris essential oil extremely useful for supporting healthy nervous system function and for aiding good sleep. 

Ritual Use

In Ayurveda, sandalwood is often used for cooling the third eye and is worn on the forehead during rituals in ceremony. The beautiful erotic texts of The Perfumed Garden speak of how loving husbands should smear sandalwood over his partners body, after lovemaking to protect her from bruising. 

Stress and Dreaming

amyris essential oil

These deep resinous fragrances are grounding and quietening. They help to slow thinking and soothe overly burdened minds. This is a beautiful oil for both study and meditation. Often people who are grieving find its steadying energy helpful. It is a comfort during confusing and changing times. 

Amyris builds resilience and fortitude. It feels like it gives you roots that go deep into the ground anchoring you and keeping you sturdy and safe

Thoughts calm down and the body follows suit. Amyris is wonderful in massage oils and is profoundly relaxing for muscles. 

Skin Care

The intensely nourishing oil is often used in antiaging creams because it brings a lovely smoothness to the skin. Amyris also has an action on the lymphatic system, so is useful as an addition to treatments for puffy eyes, for example, and is especially lovely when blended with cypress which also has similar actions. 

Its soothing action is blissful for itchy, sore, or irritated skin. 

Circulatory System

Traditional medicine cites Amyris as having venous actions, which makes it useful for hemorrhoids, broken capillaries on the face, and also varicose veins.


In a world full of plants that are being overly exploited for their fragrances, Amyris essential oil is a gorgeous and sustainable resource. It is versatile and easy to use in a variety of products. Why don’t you let us know what you use Amyris essential oil for? 


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