How to Make Your Own Aromatherapy Spritzers

A lot of my clients and customers have asked about making their own air fresheners. This happens to be one thing I do a lot it is one of my favorite ways to use aromatherapy.  The reason being is because (a) they’re SO very easy to make and (b) they can defiantly change the mood/aroma/of […]

Essential Oils and Travel

Essential oils for Traveling If you are like me, you love to take your oils with you everywhere! Some people ask me if you can take essential oils on air planes, the answer is yes!! I do all the time. When going on a plane it is not always a great experience. There is a […]

6 Essential Oils for Confidence

There are a lot of things that make people attractive, but I think one of the most attractive things a person can have is confidence. These individuals convey to everyone around them that they have assurance, control, certainty, as well as determination to move forward. When individuals like this walk into a room, you can […]

Jacob’s Hope of AZ

Check out this link to see all about Jacob’s Hope, learn about what they do and even donate!

HempAware Radio

Check out our Hempisode that we did with Tyler Hemp! We talk all benefits, values and uses of the hemp essential oil! This is not a cannabinoid extract! We talk all about how it is made from a steam water distillation of the flowering tops and leafs of the industrial hemp plant. Check out the episode to figure out the many different uses of this oil and why it can benefit you!

Men Can Use Essential Oils Too

Men Can Use Essential Oils Too I have had a lot of men come into the shop with their girlfriends – wives – moms. One of the first things they ask is, do a lot of men use this stuff?  My answer is yes! Men you too can benefit from the use of Essential oils […]

Having trouble sleeping!

  Hi there everyone!!! Recently I have been asked a lot about how to help people get some sleep!!  Seems to be a real problem these days with all the electronics and long work days, People cannot seem to shut off the brain or they get so overtired they cannot get to sleep. With that […]

Carrier Oils (also known as fixed or base oils)

Essential oil with an except for a few, should never ever be used undiluted on the skin, and needs to be blended with a carrier oil. To dilute the essential oils and their constituents and to help spread them over the surface of the skin. These oils are normally obtained by cold pressing the plant material and is […]


  Fall is upon us and what a wonderful time of year it is! A time to make your home smell divine with all the wonderful smells of the upcoming Holidays. It’s a time when cooler weather starts as well. Everyone starts having mugs of hot cocoa (with marshmallows) or tea and pulling out big […]


With Winter Just around the corner I thought this might be a good Topic to touch on a bit. Some People may say, How can anyone have such a thing when you live in Arizona? I say you can have SAD any where. We live where it is hot yes but we still have a […]