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Have you ever wanted to make your own body butter? I know I did :O)

I can hear you now, (just like I did) coming up with a million reasons not to! Like, it will be too difficult, it will be time consuming, it won’t turn out right.

The excuses will all melt away after you see this simple recipe and find out it’s not as hard as you think!  Let’s get out of that fear stage and into the fun stage of making your own body butter or a body butter for a friend or family member.

It’s always amazing how a homemade gift at any time of the year to a friend that needs a pick me up or a birthday party will brighten anyone’s day. Young and old will love this.

To get you started we’ve put together a gorgeous, skin nurturing body butter recipe below with yummy Vanilla and zesty, uplifting Tangerine Essential Oil.

One of the fun things about this recipe is that you can use any Essential Oils that you want to. Have some fun with it making different scents for everyone you know!


1 cup Shea Butter

¾ cup Cocoa Butter

¼ cup Rosehip Oil

20 drops Vanilla Essential Oil

10 drops Tangerine Essential Oil



In a double boiler, combine the Shea and Cocoa Butter

Bring to medium heat and stir constantly until all ingredients are melted.

Remove from heat and let cool slightly (3 minutes). Add Rosehip Oil and Essential Oils.

Move to fridge and let cool another 1 hour or until starting to harden but still somewhat soft.

Use a hand mixer or whisk to whip for 10 minutes until fluffy.

When desired softness is set place ingredients in jars of your choosing.

Return to fridge for 10-15 minutes to set.

It may soften and need to be kept in the fridge especially when it gets hot outside.



Penny Stadick: Certified Aromatherapy Practitioner

Owner of Grounded Owl Botanicals