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Scent: The scent of Cajuput is fresh, woody and camphorous.

Blends With: Eucalyptus, Cypress, Juniper Berry, Lemon, Pine, Rosemary.

Sore muscles, poor circulation, arthritis and rheumatism: Topical Application
Cough, bronchitis, colds: Direct Inhalation from a diffuser, Steam Inhalation, Topical Application to chest.
Sore throat: Compress, Direct Inhalation from a diffuser.
Asthma: Direct Inhalation from a diffuser on a regular basis.
Urinary infections: Sitz Bath
For skin and hair health: Add 1% to skin and hair products
Insect repellent: Topical Application on exposed skin

Safety Precautions:
Nontoxic, non-sensitizing. May be a skin irritant in high concentrations. Dilute before using, and never allow the essential oil to come into contact with mucus membranes. Use sparingly.

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