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Grounded Owl Botanicals has been creating 100% pure essential oil synergies since 2014.  We have always operated by word of mouth, without huge marketing campaigns or investors to generate our business.  Our target audience is individuals who want to improve their health and wellness with natural aromas and herbs to celebrate life.  We accomplish this by creating products that contain 100 Percent pure essential oils and organic bases, with over 40 different blends on the website and over 100 single essential oils.

All of our products are cruelty-free.  We work with fair-trade suppliers when it comes to our bottles, caps, labels, and raw materials.  Every product is prepared by hand and with love in our independent lab.

What's Involved?


After you’ve been approved for the Grounded Owl Botanicals Affiliate Program, you’ll be given your unique affiliate link that you can share on your blog, website, social media, webinars, video tutorials, educational courses — whatever you choose.


The more you promote, and the more your friends and family purchase the more you earn. (there are no minimums or amounts you have to order each month) Just order when you need something.


Generate income as you introduce pure essential oils for body, mind and spirit. Our essential oils improve wellbeing, and as you are Improving people’s lives for the better, you will not only generate income, but also accumulate positive karma.


  • Entry-level of 15% commission for every sale you refer.
  • Your own affiliate login and account to manage sales.
  • Payment through PayPal, after you reach $100 in commissions
  • Your own referral link to our site, which will track any sales for up to 90 days.

Support along the way, have a question just ask and we will answer to the best of our


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  • Aim for 5 sales or $200 per month.
  • The more you sell, the higher your pay will be
  • Questions? E-mail us at

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